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Chapter 77 — Miscellaneous Provisions (Sections 7501 to 7530)

Sec. 7501. Liability For Taxes Withheld Or Collected

Sec. 7502. Timely Mailing Treated As Timely Filing And Paying

Sec. 7503. Time For Performance Of Acts Where Last Day Falls On Saturday, Sunday, Or Legal Holiday

Sec. 7504. Fractional Parts Of A Dollar

Sec. 7505. Sale Of Personal Property Acquired By The United States

Sec. 7506. Administration Of Real Estate Acquired By The United States

Sec. 7507. Exemption Of Insolvent Banks From Tax

Sec. 7508. Time For Performing Certain Acts Postponed By Reason Of Service In Combat Zone Or Contingency Operation

Sec. 7508A. Authority To Postpone Certain Deadlines By Reason Of Federally Declared Disaster, Significant Fire, Or Terroristic Or Military Actions

Sec. 7509. Expenditures Incurred By The United States Postal Service

Sec. 7510. Exemption From Tax Of Domestic Goods Purchased For The United States

Sec. 7512. Separate Accounting For Certain Collected Taxes, Etc.

Sec. 7513. Reproduction Of Returns And Other Documents

Sec. 7514. Authority To Prescribe Or Modify Seals

Sec. 7516. Supplying Training And Training Aids On Request

Sec. 7517. Furnishing On Request Of Statement Explaining Estate Or Gift Valuation

Sec. 7518. Tax Incentives Relating To Merchant Marine Capital Construction Funds

Sec. 7519. Required Payments For Entities Electing Not To Have Required Taxable Year

Sec. 7520. Valuation Tables

Sec. 7521. Procedures Involving Taxpayer Interviews

Sec. 7522. Content Of Tax Due, Deficiency, And Other Notices

Sec. 7523. Graphic Presentation Of Major Categories Of Federal Outlays And Income.

Sec. 7524. Annual Notice Of Tax Delinquency

Sec. 7525. Confidentiality Privileges Relating To Taxpayer Communications

Sec. 7526. Low-Income Taxpayer Clinics

Sec. 7526A. Return Preparation Programs For Applicable Taxpayers

Sec. 7527. Advance Payment Of Credit For Health Insurance Costs Of Eligible Individuals

Sec. 7527A. Advance Payment Of Child Tax Credit

Sec. 7528. Internal Revenue Service User Fees

Sec. 7529. Notification Of Suspected Identity Theft

Sec. 7530. Application Of Earned Income Tax Credit To Possessions Of The United States