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Subpart A — Information Concerning Persons Subject to Special Provisions (Sections 6031 to 6040)

Sec. 6031. Return Of Partnership Income

Sec. 6032. Returns Of Banks With Respect To Common Trust Funds

Sec. 6033. Returns By Exempt Organizations

Sec. 6034. Returns By Certain Trusts

Sec. 6034A. Information To Beneficiaries Of Estates And Trusts

Sec. 6035. Basis Information To Persons Acquiring Property From Decedent

Sec. 6036. Notice Of Qualification As Executor Or Receiver

Sec. 6037. Return Of S Corporation

Sec. 6038. Information Reporting With Respect To Certain Foreign Corporations And Partnerships

Sec. 6038A. Information With Respect To Certain Foreign-Owned Corporations

Sec. 6038B. Notice Of Certain Transfers To Foreign Persons

Sec. 6038C. Information With Respect To Foreign Corporations Engaged In U.S. Business

Sec. 6038D. Information With Respect To Foreign Financial Assets

Sec. 6038E. Information With Respect To Assignment Of Lower Rates Or Refunds By Foreign Producers Of Beer, Wine, And Distilled Spirits

Sec. 6039. Returns Required In Connection With Certain Options

Sec. 6039C. Returns With Respect To Foreign Persons Holding Direct Investments In United States Real Property Interests

Sec. 6039D. Returns And Records With Respect To Certain Fringe Benefit Plans

Sec. 6039E. Information Concerning Resident Status

Sec. 6039F. Notice Of Large Gifts Received From Foreign Persons

Sec. 6039G. Information On Individuals Losing United States Citizenship

Sec. 6039H. Information With Respect To Alaska Native Settlement Trusts And Native Corporations

Sec. 6039I. Returns And Records With Respect To Employer-Owned Life Insurance Contracts

Sec. 6039J. Information Reporting With Respect To Commodity Credit Corporation Transactions

Sec. 6040. Cross References