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Part IV — Special Rules for Determining Capital Gains and Losses (Sections 1231 to 1260)

Sec. 1231. Property Used In The Trade Or Business And Involuntary Conversions

Sec. 1233. Gains And Losses From Short Sales

Sec. 1234. Options To Buy Or Sell

Sec. 1234A. Gains Or Losses From Certain Terminations

Sec. 1234B. Gains Or Losses From Securities Futures Contracts

Sec. 1235. Sale Or Exchange Of Patents

Sec. 1236. Dealers In Securities

Sec. 1237. Real Property Subdivided For Sale

Sec. 1238. Amortization In Excess Of Depreciation [Repealed]

Sec. 1239. Gain From Sale Of Depreciable Property Between Certain Related Taxpayers

Sec. 1241. Cancellation Of Lease Or Distributor's Agreement

Sec. 1242. Losses On Small Business Investment Company Stock

Sec. 1243. Loss Of Small Business Investment Company

Sec. 1244. Losses On Small Business Stock

Sec. 1245. Gain From Dispositions Of Certain Depreciable Property

Sec. 1246. Gain On Foreign Investment Company Stock [Repealed]

Sec. 1247. Election By Foreign Investment Companies To Distribute Income Currently [Repealed]

Sec. 1248. Gain From Certain Sales Or Exchanges Of Stock In Certain Foreign Corporations

Sec. 1249. Gain From Certain Sales Or Exchanges Of Patents, Etc., To Foreign Corporations

Sec. 1250. Gain From Dispositions Of Certain Depreciable Realty

Sec. 1252. Gain From Disposition Of Farm Land

Sec. 1253. Transfers Of Franchises, Trademarks, And Trade Names

Sec. 1254. Gain From Disposition Of Interest In Oil, Gas, Geothermal, Or Other Mineral Properties

Sec. 1255. Gain From Disposition Of Section 126 Property

Sec. 1256. Section 1256 Contracts Marked To Market

Sec. 1257. Disposition Of Converted Wetlands Or Highly Erodible Croplands

Sec. 1258. Recharacterization Of Gain From Certain Financial Transactions

Sec. 1259. Constructive Sales Treatment For Appreciated Financial Positions

Sec. 1260. Gains From Constructive Ownership Transactions