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Part IX — Items not Deductible (Sections 261 to 280H)

Sec. 261. General Rule For Disallowance Of Deductions

Sec. 262. Personal, Living, And Family Expenses

Sec. 263. Capital Expenditures

Sec. 263A. Capitalization And Inclusion In Inventory Costs Of Certain Expenses

Sec. 264. Certain Amounts Paid In Connection With Insurance Contracts

Sec. 265. Expenses And Interest Relating To Tax-Exempt Income

Sec. 266. Carrying Charges

Sec. 267. Losses, Expenses, And Interest With Respect To Transactions Between Related Taxpayers

Sec. 267A. Certain Related Party Amounts Paid Or Accrued In Hybrid Transactions Or With Hybrid Entities

Sec. 268. Sale Of Land With Unharvested Crop

Sec. 269. Acquisitions Made To Evade Or Avoid Income Tax

Sec. 269A. Personal Service Corporations Formed Or Availed Of To Avoid Or Evade Income Tax

Sec. 269B. Stapled Entities

Sec. 271. Debts Owed By Political Parties, Etc.

Sec. 272. Disposal Of Coal Or Domestic Iron Ore

Sec. 273. Holders Of Life Or Terminable Interest

Sec. 274. Disallowance Of Certain Entertainment, Etc., Expenses

Sec. 275. Certain Taxes

Sec. 276. Certain Indirect Contributions To Political Parties

Sec. 277. Deductions Incurred By Certain Membership Organizations In Transactions With Members

Sec. 279. Interest On Indebtedness Incurred By Corporation To Acquire Stock Or Assets Of Another Corporation

Sec. 280A. Disallowance Of Certain Expenses In Connection With Business Use Of Home, Rental Of Vacation Homes, Etc.

Sec. 280B. Demolition Of Structures

Sec. 280C. Certain Expenses For Which Credits Are Allowable

Sec. 280E. Expenditures In Connection With The Illegal Sale Of Drugs

Sec. 280F. Limitation On Depreciation For Luxury Automobiles; Limitation Where Certain Property Used For Personal Purposes

Sec. 280G. Golden Parachute Payments

Sec. 280H. Limitation On Certain Amounts Paid To Employee-Owners By Personal Service Corporations Electing Alternative Taxable Years